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October 11, 2007
Bad karma bad vibes ....
He ran over a sweet kitten on his way to have fun .... why is it every raya he seems to be able to destroy the joy and suck the happiness away. But last year was the worst ... when he persued a witch calling her his angel and soulmate ... I choose my bed and now force to lie on it
something my husband should say to me

Still undecided to what I am going to do with my life but one thing i know is that I would be nicer to everyone including my enermies - at the moment THE BITCH and my husband who still choose to cohort with the enermy. Says one thing but do the other ... how can he expects me to be that stupid. Oh yes he is so we females are lesser being rite???

Ladies, has your guy ever cheated on you?
No.15610 votes (10%)
Yes, I caught him red handed. 77328 votes (54%)
I've suspected, but never caught him.50152 votes (35%)

A study published this month by Daniel Kruger in the journal of Personal Relationships, shows that people consistently judge more masculine-looking versions of a male face as someone who is more likely to:
commit infidelity
make a pass at someone's else girlfriend
be promiscuous
Is Your Partner a Narcissist? From Loving the Self Absorbed by Dr. Nina Brown

Take this quiz and find out. Based on your knowledge of your partner, answer each of the following using this scale:

5-Always or almost always does this
4-Frequently does this
3-Does this sometimes
2-Seldom does this
1-Never of almost never does this


1. Constantly looks to you to meet their needs

2. Expects you to know what he/she expects, desires, and needs without having to ask for it

3. Gets upset when you are perceived to be critical or blaming

4. Expects you to put his/her needs before your own

5. Seeks attention in indirect ways

6. Expects you to openly admire him/her

7. Acts childish, e.g., sulks or pouts

8. Accuses you of being insensitive or uncaring without cause or notice

9. Finds fault with your friends

10. Becomes angry when challenged or confronted

11. Does not seem to recognize your feelings

12. Uses your disclosures to criticize, blame, or discount you

13. Is controlling

14. Lies, distorts, and misleads

15. Is competitive and uses any means to get what is wanted

16. Has a superior attitude

17. Is contemptuous of you and others

18. Is arrogant

19. Is envious of others

20. Demeans and devalues you

21. Is self-centered and self absorbed

22. Has to be the center of attention

23. Manipulates others to win attention

24. Is impulsive and reckless

25. Boasts and brags

26. Is insensitive to your needs

27. Makes fun of others’ mistakes or faults

28. Engages in seductive behavior

29. Is vengeful

30. Expects favors, but does not return them


126-150-It’s likely that your partner is a narcissist

102-125-Your partner has many narcissistic characteristics

78-101-Your partner has some troubling narcissistic traits

54-77-Your partner has few destructive narcissistic traits

30-53-It’s unlikely that your partner is a narcissist.

Entry for October 15, 2007

Got quoting from loveshack posted by Melovator
"I call it White Knight Syndrome or WKS. There are lots of guys out there with WKS- in order to feel good about themselves they need to be with someone who needs rescuing. Someone with more problems than themselves so they are the 'strong' one in the relationship. I've seen it so many times with a couple of male friends, they meet women who are really f**ked up and be there while she gets back on her feet and then as soon as she's together- DUMP! And looking my ex- he's got a bad case of it, rather than deal with his own problems, he takes on a woman with 'Damsel in Distress Disorder' (DIDD). I've always preferred to slay my own dragons!"

Hey that is precisely what she called him begging him to call her a princess who was being rescued. The jerk and

again something I heard his friends said to him comparing me to her ..... makes me hate him even more.I pitied her yet when all those cruel words she threw at me .... both are condemned here and in hell.

Why a wife stays in a marriage when her spouse is a cheater?
I honestly think one must be selling their soul to even consider themselves to be disrespected in that manner. In all fairness, at least the wife has MUCH more at stake than the OW does, and I can see her valiantly fighting to keep her marriage.

The OW, however, is simply fighting to keep someone who SO clearly has shown her ZERO respect and loyalty.
There are MANY reasons why the wife stays, but the usual over-riding reason is because she loves him. She loves the man she fell in love with and married. She also knows that many people make many mistakes.
She usually has FAR more experience and history with the man than does the OW, as well as a far greater investment. A wife also took a vow "for better or for worse". Usually she figure this is the "for worse" part.
they have invested years of their life in the relationship, and still hope it can be fixed.
you put up with a lot of bad behaviour when you love someone.
Even when you don't love your partner anymore, you might try to fix things for reasons of pride. Or because separating would mean having your life turned upside down. I suspect that some people don't separate not to have thrown in their faces what is taking place on their backs at present.
Any Woman who stays in a cheating marriage is indeed selling her soul.

A cheating husband is also a liar.

He lies not only to the OW but to his wife as well.
what the wife says (abt OW):
The truth is that she has no idea what he does when he's not with her...and most of the time he's with me.
He will ignore her phone calls when he's with me, or call her when I'm not around...but he always picks up my call regardless of whether he's with her or not.
He's told her even that we aren't being physically intimate
He has been upfront with me about his feelings for her and has asked me for time to wean himself off of her.
He has told her that he cannot assure their future together because he's not leaving his wife or his family
I have given him opportunity after opportunity to leave and go be with her. I've told him to leave and be with her
He has asked me not to make him leave and told me that home with me is where he wants to be.
I want his happiness more than I want my own.

My reasons to stay with him and work through this with him are
because he has asked me to. and financially am unstable and a mistake

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