Monday, June 22, 2009

November 02, 2006

"the last time i felt this way was some 27 yrs ago. I realise i'm old now especially when i look in the mirror. i cannot help feeling this way 4u as i already hv a soft spot d first time i saw you years ago actually. I always try to avoid mtg u actually. can't really identify why the feel, it is not sexual, just makes you feel weak, vulnerable & most of all sometimes not thinking right. that's on visual, when come to talk together or sms it gets worse. i feel desperate when i don't hear from you. these are some of the things that my 2 adult childred are facing then they including their mother notice the "glow" on my face. How come i have it too? i didn't realise until all of them realise, i'm the last to realise. "

this was how the lies and deceit started and never ended until even he marries her and he will never stop

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