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Entry for March 16, 2008
It is really hard to get over being under a narcisstic personality disorder.... and since he wants to shift his attention to another ... i should rejoice or try. Not that the bitch who is taking over deserves any pity after all those insults thrown in my face.I just want to some peace in my life ... to move on into a space where i can learn to trust people again and am surprise that there are plenty out there offering such. Tat Mr NPD had almost destroyed all my trust and am glad people are offering attentions and help. Slowly and surely I hope to recover from all the lies and deceit webbed and all the manipulative moves that created a void in my life. Someone said that i used to be strong and somewhere and somehow tat emotion is still there. You will find it despite all the batteredness you have endured ... i really hope so cos dear god i sure need my strength to pick up the pieces and move on with my son looking on for support.Tags: Edit Tags

Entry for March 11, 2008
Things Great Men do Not Do

Things Great Men do NOT do... from A-Z

A Abuse their partners
B Bully their partners
C Cheat on their partners
D Deceive the partners
E Emotionally hurt their partners
F Frighten their partners
G Grumble about their partners to others
H Harm their partners
I Ignore or insult their partners
J Joke about their partners
K Knock their partner's self esteem
L Lie to their partners
M Malign, or mistreat their partners
N Neglect their partners
O Offend or oppress their partners
P Push their partners
Q Quelch the dreams and goals of their partners
R Ridicule or rule their partners
S Slander or subjugate their partners
T Tyrannize their partners
U Underrate their partners
V Violate or verbally abuse their partners
W Wrong their partners
X Explore extra-sexual/intimate relationships
Y Yell at their partners
Z Show Zero interest in their partners

Entry for March 11, 2008
How to Tell if a Man is Using Youif you are asking, you are probably feeling used. And if you are feeling used you are probably being used.
There is a significant difference for most men between wanting a woman for a plaything for a night or two, and wanting a real, healthy, mature relationshipHow can you tell the difference?

Why not ask yourself a few questions....

Does the guy appear interested in your life? Your family? Your interests? Or is he only interested in "alone time"?

Does the guy show care and respect for you? Or are you a convenience?

Do your conversations center around life, ideas, interesting thoughts? Or is it all about when you are available for sex?

Do you have a great time together when there is no physical activity going on? Or is sex the only thing that brings you together?

Do you feel cared for and cherished for being who you are? Or do you feel you are only valued for what you do for the guy?

Is the guy interested in your goals, your dreams, your hopes? Or is the relationship pretty much centered on his needs?

Do you feel in your heart that you are valued as a human being? Or do you feel your value comes from the guys expectations?

Do a little exploring. Be honest with yourself. Don't deny or repress your feelings. Be open to what your heart is telling you.again the highlighted indicated my great man

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