Monday, June 22, 2009

Entry for April 17, 2008
His mind is a classic narcissistic disordered ... and only deepened my worries about him and his children. He is using them to get to me as always without care ... I now hope that the bitch who is supply the N is enough but ... somehow I think his madness in wanting to have vengence on me his overriding everything. I know he is avoiding me ... to punish or is he deliriously happy with her ... I fear the former and every misfortune that I had for the past 2 -3 years seems to be his handiwork ... the car .. my job ... god he seems to sabortage every thing ...
I really pity him ... isnt here any more goodness left in the ugly old body of his ... he kept complaining about his Hormer looking face ... it is a smirk looking face like dorian gray ... minus his magic mirror and he really hates it and it really frightens me cos ... recently as I saw him ... he looks full of evil and I thought it was her work but .... the other way round.

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