Monday, June 22, 2009

Entry for March 22, 2008
It is really fun to see how my jerk ... he strangled me and came a calling the next day with the sweetest of behavior ... trying to romance the pants off me. And how fast he turned into MR Hyde when I refused. He went around practically showing off the scar I handed him ...
One police report later to emphasised my not wanting him as my husband .. I ve been given deposited money into my account.
I never been owner of such sum ... and now it is funny cos my Jerk never rewarded me that much.
Am glad he thus has someone else to give his shit too and all i need now is to recover and have my dignity and me back ..... he must be really having such a lot of fun bullying me into submission all these years .... hai to the emperor of Jerk.

Entry for March 23, 2008
Dear Jerk of mine ... you handed me such sum of money .. and you are right I am terrified cos ... feel like a trap has been sprung. Dear god such manipulation ... fairy tales of a prince gone beserk ... trapped princess turned into a mouse that gnawed in anger. Does that make her a mad person or an angry persona who is fighting back with all her live.
I hate you for what you are doing ... anipulative jerk ... go with your new found love and leave this old lady alone instead of your manipulativeness . One day you will get your just reward ....
Laugh away ............ you forgot that a trap and lost soul is alway taken pity by god and her cries for justice are usually heard.

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