Monday, June 22, 2009

Entry for October 16, 2007
the other woman: She's the one every girl in a relationship fears and loves to hate. She could be the nicest girl in the world but that aspect of her taboo lovelife has to be hidden under a cloak of illicit darkness.
She can't shout out her love for her shared man from rooftops and her self respect is torn to shreds. Even the moments of happiness with him can't be sustained because she knows they are stolen moments and not truly hers to begin with. - borrowed from the urban-makcik
:the ow (well he traded down) and I feel hate and contempt and also glad at the whole picture ( I am really bad????)
what the ow thinks
"Oh, he's leaving her, he's been trying to let her down lightly, it might take some time."
"Oh, he's got kids, so he has to do this in his own way"
"His wife is very sensitive, she's threatended to commit suicide/is bipolar/is psychotic"
Being the other woman sucks eggs
" Will he ever leave her?", "Does he really mean what he said?", "Does he compare me to her constantly?"
"How can he treat her like this?Will he do the same to me?"
My intentions was not to break him and her apart. Never had that thought crossed my mind.
Wondering if he is lying again. Feeling used. Wondering if you could do better
"I don't think I'm the keeper of every marriage," she says. In fact, she blames the wives of married men for allowing their husbands to stray. "I think married women need a wake-up call,"
(words in red are the some of the words my OW said to me)
This man obviously does not love you or his wife because he's not being fair to either of you.

You can close your eyes to reality, but not to memories

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