Saturday, August 15, 2009

today i read tat Waheeda is getting married to her ustaz Akil and thus ... my disappointment rushed to my pit of stomach almost vormit and got eaten back why .. do i have a crush on the ustaz no .. far from it
Their love live mirrored the love life of my husband and his new wife
Months and years the gossip mongers related their affairs to me and i got proved of their affair ... only to be dauced by his lies and even to the extend of putting me a mental asylum
Two days back when i recalled the situation to them the proud wife said ... " itu kehendak Allah " the will of god he willed them to go dating and making the main wife mad, sent her to lunacy bin and told almost everyone that she is mad while the victimised gal was being slanderised and outstricised by public ... pity the whore who doesnt know what she is doing and pity the man who makes fun of his wife disillusionment.
But the Ustaz divorced his wife .. ending her mental torture and they forgave each other and invited his two young children meaning his ex was fully informed of the wedding and not left in the dark .. he did rite finally to her.
My man ... brought his wife into my house put her in my bed ... and if i dont mind slept together all three of us ... I minded
so i slept in the store room but they have a condo where they can go and release they tension sumwhere in another area of KL and me ... i do the cooking and taking care of children ... a fucking maid
they boasted that they took care of me .... keeping an eye on me .... i told them just let me alone but they laughed
they were having too muh fun "doing good" realizing or unrealizing that she took away so many of my rites and lastly desinated me to be an aging aunt "expired" as my son puts it
help ..... and when i blew up ... i am mad guessed i am mad after all

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