Sunday, August 16, 2009

The man ignored my phone calls (perhaps he wanted to respect my desire for space ... haha one blew up later) and also ignored that we arepenniless ... no income to feed his sons and cats he left behind.
Finally he answered his son's sms and then 3 sms later to announce RM 100 has been deposited ... ooo that is a lot bought eggs friskies and bread and balance to his eldest we are left with RM 50 ... OH well i really need a job just to suppliment our income
A poem i wrote earlier -
I live in a house claimed to be mine yet taken over by another
To be a queen, but an aging queen waiting to be suceeded
Being told that i am happy with a happiness that isnt mine
And seeking a dream that i never dreamt
Am drowning in my sea of happiness created for me , yet not desired for me
Am overcome by utter joy built on my utter miseries
And the sound of laughter chocking my tears of silence
i am so happy that lunacy beckons me

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