Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Last nite he came and i relented ... somehow i knew his wife didnt know he came to berbuka with me
Early today opened an email from him wc hinted about me being a witch who is cursing his miserable life. What he cant take is take after all the ill treatment he had given me .. all i did was raised my hands to the almighty to show him guidance ... make an example out of his so that so other muslim and muslimah could go on this world and not be punished for their bad deeds. He was a lousy husband a lousy father and lousy son and also a lousy worker and boss Yet he believed that he was god's creation as gift to us. He walk this earth thinking that
And when all bad luck came his way ( me the only one cursing how loud) he tot i was practising witch craft and making his life miserable
Vanity and syaitan goes along together and this man seems full of them
His stupid new wife is just as bad perhaps igniting flames of the already burnt jar of anger. How could a 35 year go on claiming that she is so innocent of her rude behaviour or all the bad deeds she does. Going out and dating another woman's husband (is god's will) and flirting with the boss is so innocent that she claims to be ignorant of. Well he believes her .. as my son puts it ... she is brand new despite the flaws
And i am expired and waiting to be sent to a mental asylum but they feared i might be chanting there ... i really should move on and leave the two pathetic souls to their bitter end THE SNAKES deserve each other and Ya Allah let them coilled each other to death

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