Sunday, May 2, 2010

Memories can be a funny thing ... your mind can delete some events that you wont or refuse to remember
For me ...
As i realise that my significant other while enamoured with love for the other woman .. nearly killed me and brutally beat me as i cursed and threaten to expose their relationship (or her to the office )
The second time when we were separated I managed to steal his handphone thus with documented proof of their affair ... he tried to run me over his car uttering wanting to kill me and later as i grabbed hold of his precious mont blanc ... It was their love pack thing ... he bought a his and hers mont black abt rm 2000 each
and later threw me a peace offering of rm 200 pens as a token
He will kill me to protect her ... that is wat love is all about
Just as he called her to see him at the hospital so tat people think she is the nice one protect and loving him

the question now is ... i am tired and care not about wat happens Told my youngest to let go if she manage to kill him ... she will not harm us if all the money is hers.

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