Monday, April 19, 2010

Dream and nightmare ???
I dreamt last nite tat i was driving my 4 wheel and it got stuck on a grave stone ... There was relocation of graveyard and the right path happens to be the wrong path ... (some hidden meaning)
I got killed by some creatures of the night of rather and my grandmother (now youthful looking in mid 30's ) coming to get me .. rescueing me but i knew tat i somehow lost the battle and now dying ... my grand hugged me commented me on how much i looked like her and i was safe in her arms ... safe as in dying . I wanted to die and was comfortably being envelope in a mist of slow death ... until she looked at me and said telepathicly ... someone coming for you ... she looked hurt and i was disappointed and felt someone stroking my head ... and i woke being stroked by my husband ....
Oddly i felt disappointed ... i didnt want to come back and to wake up gently stroke by him ..... tears slided down my eyes without my realissing it

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